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What does this script do

GB CJ is the system for control of the traffic on your site. Script uses the most modern technologies for traffic exchange with sites, which have placed your link. The system enables of traffic exchange by blind links, direct links, pop-ups, create full-function toplists on your page and manage the contents of your site.

Script uses unique algorithms for analysis of quality of the traffic coming from other sites (including the analysis of friendliness of the visitors, payment ability, their languages, uniqueness of the traffic and much more) and distributes your traffic on these sites by the most optimum way.

Skilful use of script functions guarantees avalanche growth of your site popularity. GB CJ uses on some sites which have 50 000 - 100 000 unique visitors per day and on many sites with 1 000 - 10 000 visitors daily.

A few things you'll want to know about the script

Short step-by-step guide for beginners

  1. Find popular category for your site.
  2. Download and install GB CJ (or use our free hosting for non-adult sites).
  3. Edit main page and pop-up on your site (button "Fase" on your admin page). Replace repeated links on the pages with the high-clickable text for your category. Add links and banners of your sponsors and links to your content-pages.
  4. Add link to your new site on all other your sites for starting traffic.
  5. Find high-traffic sites for traffic exchange. We are recomend toplists, other cj's, and content-sites.
  6. Add these sites in your trader list using the button "Add" on your admin page.
  7. Add link to your site on these sites, if they have form for automated adding, or email webmasters of this sites for link exchange.
  8. Check up stats daily for deleting bad traders and adding new.

Blind Links

Blind Links is the main way to traffic exchange. Your site should have some blind-links for correct trade. Blind link format: go.php?link=anylinkname . Give 'link' a different name for each link you need to track. If you will use unique linkname for each link, then script will track what links people click on. You can see clicked links statistic on your admin page. Click on button 'Logs' and then button 'Link Tracking' to check stats.

Permanent links

Permanent link is the link to one of traders, which will track hits to this trader. Just add parameter ref=anymembername after go.php to permanent linking. Sample: go.php?ref=supersitecom&link=bestlink for sending all hits from this link to memer with name 'supersitecom'.


Groups are needed for sending visitors to different categories of traders. Just add parameter group=groupname after go.php . Sample: go.php?group=mp3&link=coollink for sending all hits from this link to memers of 'mp3' group only. You can set up group name for each trader by editing his data. Also you can create individual pages for groups. Just use page name as group name in taders datas. Sample: if you set groupname 'mp3.html' for some trader, then all traffic from this trader will be redirected on page mp3.html.

Adding new traders in database

Click the button 'Add' on admin page. Webmasters also can add to you their sites from page webmasters.php .

Default trader auxout+noref

When you click the link on your new site, you will be redirected on This is default url to sending visitors that already have visited all your traders. Replace this url by url of some your site or your sponsor by editing default trader auxout. Stats for auxout include all hits from sites which are not present in your base of traders (search engines etc.)

Default trader nocookie

Default trader nocookie include stats for all clicks from visitors without cookies:
- robots
- browsers with disabled cookies
- users, which came on internal pages of your site without visiting of main page

Default trader direct

Include stats for all clicks on direct links with parameter url=

Toplist of your traders

You can insert toplist code into template of main page.
Sample toplist code:

Sites sorted by Clicks.

You can use predefined variabeles in template:
{member#} - Site ID
{clicks#} - Clicks for 24 hours
{desc#} - Site Name for toplist

# - trader rank (1,2,3 etc)

External toplist

Use this code to include toplist into php pages of your site in the same directory.

Sending hits to content

Example: go.php?url= . When a surfer clicks on this link, he will go to the content url (as stated in 'url=' parameter) by 70% chance, and he will go to one of your trades by 30% chance. The order of parameters 'url=' ,'link=' and 's=' are not important, just seperate them by an ampersand (&). s= and link= are optional. If s= is not in the url, the default chance is 100%. Clicks to content will be counted as default trader 'direct'.

First click to content

It can increase your productivity a lot on most cases. Example: go.php?url= . When a surfer clicks on this link, and if this is his first click on one of your go.php links on your site, he will go to the content url by 100% chance. On further clicks he will go by 70% chance. first=1 - first click will be sent to content, first=2 - first and second clicks will be sent to content etc.

TextLink-Thumb-Content Rotators

Rotator automatically defines the most popular links on your site and places them in the beginning of page. You can rotate blind-links or links to content. To start rotator you need to create database with text links (or thumbs) and links to content(optional). Just click the button 'Rotator' on the admin page and fill in two tables. Right table can be blank, if you will create no-content rotator. Also you can import automatically thumbs/content from any subdirectory on your server. And then you need to add rotator in the main page tamplate.
Example: Thumb-rotator

Example: Text-link Rotator

You can use up to 10 independent rotators. Use parameters rlink(1) and rdesc(1) for first rotator, rlink(2) and rdesc(2) for second rotator etc.

Admin Page - Traders table

Check Box: To mass edit/delete traders.

Edit Trade: Click the link to edit trader details. 'Active' - script will send visitors to this trader right now. 'New' - just added new trader - click button 'Unmark' to disable 'new' mark. 'Dead' - trader has not sent any visitor for one week.

Stats: Click the link to view hourly stats and referers stats for trader.

Site Name: Trader name and URL.

Current Hour: Stats for current hour.

In: Unique incoming visitors from this trader.

RIn: Raw in - all incoming visitors from this trader, unique and nonunique.

Out: Unique outgoing visitors to this trader.

Click: Number of clicks by the visitors who came from this trader to another traders. 'Click' does not include 'direct' content clicks.

24 Hours: Stats for last 24 hours.

Dir: Clicks to direct links (content) with parameter 'url='

Current Hour + 24 Hours: Summary stats. Is used for calculating main trade parameters.

Bad: Percent of clicks from proxy, robots, with wrong referer, wrong cookie etc.

BadL: Percent of visitors with bad browser languages or bad countries.

Prod: Productivity - the medium amount of clicks one unique visitor from this trader does. Productiviti = Click/In.

Ratio: How much unique visitors coming from this trader per each visitor sent to him. Ratio = In/Out.

Dev: Statistical Deviation is main anticheat parameter. Deviation is counted up on the basis of the statistical analysis of the links, which was clicked by traffic from each trader, and comparison it with behaviour of the typical visitor of your site. Also you can manually check up this comparison in hourly and links logs of each trader. There are no ways to deceive this protection, because this parameter is unique for each site, and behaviour of the real visitor is unpredictable and cannot be simulated. High deviation (over 200%) = cheat. For honour traders usually is lower 100%. The short-term jumps of deviation for traders with the small traffic are admitted.

Effect: Main parameter for each trader. The medium amount of clicks per each outgoing visitor. Must be over 100% for boost your traffic. Effect = Click/Out.

Fin: Finally factor for this trader. Traders with larger Fin will get more traffic right now. Fin = Effect * K, where K include limits and ratios (Bad, BadL etc.)

Limit: Max limit Out/Click for trader. Blank for no limit. Zero for stop trade.

Owed: How much hits you owed to trader based on Limit, if Limit is not blank.

Group: Group name.

Pop: Pop-ups amount.

Lang: Allowed browser language or countries for outgoing hits.

Force Time: Start time of forced hits or force type.

Force: Force amount.

Forced: Sent forces.

Settings Page

Category/Default Group: All new traders will be added to this group

Affiliate ID: For our partners only

Fixed deviation(anticheat) link name: link= parameter, which will used for anticheat calculation. Please left it blank, because script can automatically find optimal link for your site.

Trade Scheme: Default scheme of sending hits by direct content links 'url='. T=trade, C=content. Sample: CCTCTC - fist and second clicks to content, next - trade, next - content, next - trade, next - content. Scheme will not be used, when parameter 's=' is included in url. Left blank for disable scheme.

Redirect Nocookies: All nocookie clicks will be sent to url, which you specified in data of default trader 'nocookie'. Left blank to send this clicks to traders.

Scan new pages for banned words: Script will scan pages of new traders for blacklisted words

Country Tracking: You can allow filtering of traffic by countries, if your server have GeoIP module. Default value allow tracking by browser languages.

Accepted Languages (Countries): List of 'good' browser languages (countries), which will be counted with ratio=1. All other 'bad' languages (countries) will be counted with lower ratio. Left blank to disable filtering.

Default Limit Out/Click: For new traders.

Default Force Amount: Force Amount for new traders - left blank for no forces

Default Force Time: Forces Start Time for new traders

Trader is Dead after Days: If trader do not send hits this number of days or more, then it will be marked as 'dead'.

Ratio for Bad Languages or Countries: Clicks from users with bad languages (countries) will be counted with this lower ratio. Fin ~ GoodLangClicks + BadLangClicks * BadLangRatio

Soft Bad Clicks Limit: All bad clicks over limit will not be counted by trade algorithm and trader will not get any outs for this clicks. Recommended values 0.3 - 0.4 , can be some higher than summary 'Bad' value for all traders.

Hard Bad Clicks Limit: Trade will be stopped, when part of 'bad' clicks will be higher than hard limit. Recommended value 0.8.

Pop-ups Amount for Unknown Referers: Amount of pop-ups for visitors, which coming not from your traders

Deviation Limit for New Traders: Trade will be stopped if deviation will exceed this value. It guarantees the blocking of cheaters immediately after their addition. Recommended value 1. Left blank for no limit.

Max Counted Clicks for unique visitor: Clicks from the unique visitor exceeding this value will be counted as 'Bad clicks'.

Length of Toplist Description: Maximum length of description for traders.

Reanimation: This part of summary daily traffic will be forced to random dead trader. Left blank to disable reanimation.

Compress Face HTML: Your main page will be downloaded by browser 2-10 times faster. Be careful! All free hosters and even some pay hosters disable compress function. Press 'Update' button after enabling of compressing and check up your main page.

Send back requests from blocked domains: Nightmare for 'img src' cheaters etc. All requests from blocked domains will be returned to this domains. Cheaters will cheat itself.

Aphorisms on admin page: A piece of smile each morning.

GB Protocol: Allow using of the internal protocol for transfer of the data between traders, which uses GB CJ script. GB CJ protocol transfers the additional data to your traders and raises trade effectivity.

Stop Forces for Dead Traders: Why you send forces to traders, which return 'thank you' only.

GB Rules on submit page: Show standard rules and contacts on webmasters page.

Show ICQ Status: Show ICQ Status icon for each traders on admin page.

Trace IP: Trace all clicks by IP. Without this option clicks will be tracked by cookies.

Not count bad outs: 'Bad' clicks will be not counted in out stats.

Use Trade ID: With trade ID you can trade using pop-ups. Without this option script will be trade by refered domains.

Stats on submit page: You can display overall stats for your CJ on webmasters page

Mail about new trades: E-mail will be sent to you, when new trader added.

Mail daily stats: Each day you will get e-mail with daily stats.

Allow Parameter "face=": Allow to your traders send incoming hits to any page of your site using parameter "face=".

Always first face for unique: Unique traffic will be sent to main1.html. Without this setting unique will be sent to random face and nounique to another face.

Allow Group Faces: Allow sending of traffic to individual pages for some groups.

Disable all logs: Use it to decriase of server's loading for high traffic sites.

IP Log: You can enable IP log to find cheaters.

Disable priority of big traders: The standard scheme of trade sends the first clicks to traders who have the higher "Fin" value. You can disable hard priority of big traders on soft random priority. Small traders will get more first clicks.

Autosubmit protection: Protect your webmasters page from robots.

Visible Columns in Admin Table: Select parameters which you need to see.


Forces are necessary for hitting of toplists and starting of new trades with maximum effectivity. Forces have higher priority than normal trades and will be sent first of all.

Daily Weekly Monthly: Are useful for toplists. Will start sending hits in the certain time every day or week or day of the month. Thise forces have middle priority.

Hourly: The same as previous, but will be sent each hour.

Right Now: Will be sent immediately with highest priority. Recommended for starting of new trades.

Auto: Auto forces is the best force type for toplists with daily resets. The same as Daily forces, but amount of forces will be changed each day based on trade effectivity. For correct work before using of autoforces you need to start Daily forces and only in 24 hours you can permit autoforces.

Soft: Daily Weekly Monthly forces with dynamic priority. First 30% of forces will be sent with middle priority, and last 70% with low. Low priority of forces is equal to priority of best normal trades. Recommended for toplist with Weekly and Monthly resets.

TopLists Reset Checker

Add here url of some toplist and script will find reset time for this toplist. You need 2 days for toplist with daily reset and 2 weeks for toplist with weekly reset. Resets for some toplists can not be found, but you can do it manually using logs.

BlackList & Blocked Domains

Place here your favourite cheaters.


Redirect of Incoming Traffic by Browser Language to some url or some trader. This visitors will not see your page because will be immediately redirected.

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